Yokota UK Brands

In selecting a YOKOTA product, you can be assured that it has been developed to incorporate the ultimate in manufacturing processes, raw materials and will incorporate a number of market leading attributes.

Toku are one of the world leading manufacturers of industrial pneumatic tools. Quality, reliability and continuity are Toku’s three key factors. Manufactured in Japan    using only the highest quality raw materials, coupled with the most advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques. This offers the user a superior programme of industrial tools suitable for most hard working and demanding environments.

The Yokota UK range of industrial construction tools has been specially selected from leading British and European manufacturers renowned for high quality and reliability. The range includes heavy duty hammers, pavement breakers, pneumatic scabblers, scrapers, compactors and air shovels.

Duro Yokota, Red Rooster Tools UK Stockists

The Red Rooster Range is produced specifically for Yokota UK by our leading industrial manufacturing partners to our required specification. These tools have been hand selected, quality checked and tested by our product development team to ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability.

The range includes industrial quality air tools for light and heavy applications – such as impulse wrenches, needle scalers and saws. Also specific tools for industrial and automotive applications.

Adamas high speed diamond solutions logo

Adamas professional level drill rigs. Lightweight extruded aluminium columns with integrated toothrack. Drill depth indicators, dual purpose insulated levers and wear resistant side blocks. Anchor and vacuum base options.

AGP drill, cut & grind tols

Exclusive to DURO YOKOTA – powerful, extremely efficient and reliable electric handsaws, drill motors, hand grinders, dry wall sanders, circular saws, chain saws – perfect for any hire fleet.

Backed by Duro Yokota full service support.

Duro Yokota, Trelawny UK Stockists

YOKOTA have a working partnership with Trelawny supplying the highest quality Surface Preparation tools and machines to the rental and tool hire industry.