for YLa-JQ and Y-JQ series



Poka Yoke+: functioning principle The system is controlled by measuring the air pressure at the inlet side of the air motor. This air pressure varies from free running to impulsing. By this measured air pressure the controller detects contact of the bolt head (point 2).

Upon contact, the adjustable timer gives the shut-off signal (point 3). Adjustability of the timer takes care of adoption to either hard or soft joints. Similar, the controller detects double hits and trigger release before shut-off.

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Poka Yoke+ System

  • System Features:
  • Group control
  • ControlLED shut-off
  • Double tightening detection
  • Interlock with assembly line
  • Error judgement on trigger release
  • Teach-in mode for programming
  • Oil deterioration indication

Sizing Options

See Data Sheet (link above) for full technical specifications

Lightweight YLa-JQ seriesSquare / Hex DriveBolt Capacity mm
YLa60A-JQ1/4″ Hex6
YLa60E-JQ3/8″ Sq.6
YLa70A-JQ1/4″ Hex6-8
YLa70E-JQ3/8″ Sq.6-8
YLa80A-JQ1/4″ Hex8
YLa80E-JQ3/8″ Sq.8
YLa90E-JQ3/8″ Sq.8-10
YLa110E-JQ1/2″ Sq.10-12
YLa120E-JQ1/2″ Sq.12
YLa140E-JQ1/2″ Sq.14

See Data Sheet (link above) for full technical specifications

Y-JQ seriesSquare / Hex DriveBolt Capacity mm
Y-41A-JQ1/4″ Hex4-6
Y-46E-JQ3/8″ Sq.5-6
Y-140JQ3/4″ Sq.16
  • Rubber protection covers for YLa-JQ and Y-JQ impulse wrenches are included in the box.
  • Accessories are available for impulse wrenches