Drill & Rig Accessories

Drill Rig Accessories


Drill & Rig Accessories

Clamp brackets, Wet/dry collection ring sets, vacuum pumps, vacuum plates, vacuum block & seal & fixing assemblies & anchors.

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For the DQ Range of Core Drill Motors

    Sizing Options

    60mm Clamp Bracket

    • For use with the QDM-150D & QDM-150W hand held drill motors
    • Enables motors to be used with the QDS-150 & DQS-350 rigs
    • Part No. DRA/CB/60

    Wet/Dry Collection Ring Sets

    • For controlling dust or slurry when wet or dry drilling between 45 & 152mmØ when used in conjunction with a suitable vacuum unit
    • For smaller sizes of 45-96mm diameter – WVA/CR/SM
    • For large sizes of 93-152mm diameter – WVA/CR/LG

    Vacuum Pump

    • Allows vertical and horizontal fixing of rigs with Vac Base
    • No requirement to use anchors when drilling on smooth surfaces
    • Stand off pressure gauge
    • Vibration absortion feet
    • Easy access drain point
    • 200W power input
    • 110- 50-60Hz
    • Air Flow of 30.5l/min (cfm)
    • Max Vacuum – 0.9 bar (-13 psi)
    • 6.7kg (14.77 Lbs) Weight
    • IPX4 Protection
    • Dimensions of 310mm x 238mm x 250mm
    • Part No. VPA/GAST-COMP

    Vacuum Plates

    • Allows vertical and horizontal fixing of rigs
    • No requirement to use anchors when drilling on smooth surfaces
    • Quick release coupling with shut off valve
    • Profiled base to accomodate close confined drilling
    • Shaped base to enable stability and a compact universal fitting
    • Part No. SHS/047758 for the QDS-150 / Part No. SHS/047760 for the QDS-350

    Vacuum Block & Seal

    • Vacuum block and seal for use with the DRG/STAB/MINI rig
    • Allows vertical fixing of the rig
    • Part No. DRC/A/7980010 Vacuum Block
    • Part No. DRC/A/791521 Seal

    Fixing Assemblies & Anchors

    • Fixing assembly (M12) – Part No. DRA/S/HAD/M12
    • M12 Anchors – Part No. FIX/M12/R.SHIELD-PK – pack of 50