Red Rooster & Yokota

Screwdrivers - Clutch Type Mechanism (Adjustable)


Torque springs
Automotive models RR-02SP/SC and RR-06SP/SC are supplied with 2 torque springs.

Screw spanner
The YD-400SCA and YD-5PHCA are supplied with screw spanner 2201-0243-00-00.

Spring balancers
The performance of the tool will be increased by good balance and reduced operator fatique, when using a spring balancer (see page 69).

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Clutch Type Mechanism (Adjustable)

    Sizing Options

    See Data Sheet (link above) for full technical specifications

    Direct DriveSquare Hex DriveBolt Capacity mm
    YD-400SCA1/4″ Hex4
    RR-02SC1/4″ Hex5
    RR-06SC1/4″ Hex6
    YD-5PHCA1/4″ Hex5
    RR-02SP1/4″ Hex5
    RR-06SP1/4″ Hex6

    Hose Set Noise Suppressor

    TypePart No.

    Side Handles

    TypePart No.

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