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The RED ROOSTER riveters work with the most usual sizes of rivets. If the current handtools for the rivets are a burden for your employees, use the RED ROOSTER air-riveter.

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Part No.RRP-4010
Traction kg900
Capacity rivets dia.until 4,8
Air cons. l/stroke1,15
Weight kg1,5
Inlet-threadPT 1/4″
Hose dia. mm6
Vibration m.s21,5
Noise level dB(A)76
Part No.RRP-4011
Traction kg1,045
Capacity rivets dia.until 6,4
Air cons. l/stroke1,80
Weight kg2
Inlet-threadPT 1/4″
Hose dia. mm6
Vibration m.s20,4
Noise level dB(A)76

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