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Pavement Breakers

20-30kg pavement breaker range suitable for heavy industrial construction work along with many demolition and civil engineering applications from pavement / highways repair & reinstatement to trenching for utilities repair and installation. Vibration damping handles and an air cushion cylinder design reduces vibration across all tools. The air cushion protects the breaker by protecting the cylinder and piston from damage when the tool is used unloaded or without a chisel.

An efficient muffler design keeps noise levels to a minimum and the modern & robust product design across the range guarantees outstanding power to weight ratio.


The Yokota UK range also features an integrated automatic oiling system to ensure correct lubrication at all times. All tools featured are manufactured to the highest possible standard, using only the highest quality raw materials and most advanced assembly techniques.

low vibration breakers

Low Vibration Breakers

auto lubrication and vibration control breakers

Auto-Lubrication and Vibration Control Breakers

lightweight hammers

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