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Zero Vibration Armco Tightening System

We recently held a stand with our sister company Duro UK at the Executive Hire Show 2018, the show was a huge success with a fantastic amount of footfall and a great amount of interest in the Yokota products from the Toku, Red Rooster, Action and Trelawny range. 

The star of our stand was the launch of the Zero Vibration Armco Tightening System. Launched with a live demonstration of the Executive Hire Show innovation trail nominated system, visitors were able to try out the system first hand and experience the advantages for the system themselves.

The maintenance, repair and installation of Armco barriers on the nation’s motorways and highways have long been a time consuming, costly and potentially inaccurate application that also directly affects the health and safety of contractors. Armco barrier bolts are currently being tightened with the use of high vibration impact wrenches (air powered & electric) and being over tightened to a level that creates stress in the bolt and potential failure of such a critical safety component.

The levels of vibration caused by the use of impact wrenches means that the contractor can only operate these tools for a limited amount of time before falling into ELV maximum time usage.

The Yokota Zero Vibration Armco Tightening System allows for non-stop operator working time and 100% accurate torque levels.

Yokota Impulse Wrenches have been used widely in the assembly industry for many years where high speed and repeatable tightening are a key requirement. Coupling this with virtually no vibration or torque kick back makes Yokota’s Red Rooster Industrial impulse wrench range is one of the safest and most accurate fastening tools on the market today.

The Yokota Armco system uses a 3 stage process - Remove / Reinstate / Record


With the TOKU MI-17 Impact Wrench


 With the Red Rooster Industrial range of shut off Impulse Wrenches - RRI-70T / RRI-100T


The Yokota Red Rooster impulse wrenches have been developed to enable users Incorporating features such as double air chamber motors, twin blade impulse units and auto shut off when the required torque is achieved, these impulse wrenches are essential to safe, speedy and accurate Armco maintenance and potential stress and failure.

Yokota Zero Vibration Armco Tightening System 

• Increased reliability

• Compact

• Reduced noise 

• Hard wearing

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